Interested in new moon manifesting?

For the past couple of months, I’ve been manifesting my goals and desires with the new moon. So far, I’ve been very pleased with the results. I’ve already made a lot of progress on one of my goals and I can’t wait to see what happens with the rest over the next few months.

What is Manifesting?

In many ways, this is like goal setting. Every month, I check in on my progress and evaluate what I’d like to do next. It’s a way to hold yourself accountable.

I consider it a form of magic. Basically, you are telling the universe what you’d like to happen and then putting your energy and intention into it. This is an important part of the process! You can’t kick back and expect results. You’ve got to take meaningful action towards your goals.

For example, I wanted to earn more money. I asked the universe for a lucrative part-time job I could do from home. I wanted something easy that would fit into my schedule.

Pay attention to the signs! A week or two later, I got an email from an employer asking me to apply for this brand new position. I got it! Now, I’m earning an extra $600-$900 a month.

However, manifesting, also known as the Law of Attraction, is complex spellwork and it requires a lot of energy and elbow grease. So, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and make things happen. For more information, check out my post on cleansing your space. Making space in your life is critical for obtaining new opportunities.

Recommended Books

Since manifesting is so complex, checking out some books on the process will give you more information and a knowledge base to work with.

Coach yourself to Success by Talane Miedaner. This book is a mixture of helpful, practical tips like creating organization systems as well as more esoteric ideas like plugging “energy drains” in your life.

Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter was also useful. She uses the principles of Feng Shui to help you change your circumstances.

Life Makeovers by Cheryl Richardson is another helpful book. She offers 52 tips, broken down a week at a time, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Again, it’s a mixture of the practical, spiritual, and magical.

I’ve used all three of these books to make simple, small changes, which have yielded big results so far. I’m happier, healthier, and wealthier.  I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m getting there!

My Process

As I’ve mentioned before, Artemis/Diana is my personal goddess and she controls the moon. Therefore, declaring my intentions using moon phases is extra powerful. However, this ritual will work for you, no matter which deity you pray to.

Decide on Goals. I choose three goals for the month. I write these down, using positive language. Don’t use “I want” or “I need” for your goals. Act as if you already have these things. Believing comes before seeing the results.

One I chose this month was “my body is getting stronger and healthier every single day.” I also write down how I will accomplish this. For example, ” I will eat nourishing food, get enough sleep, etc.” So, I’ve built in meaningful action, but the universe will clear my path, make it easier for me. I don’t feel as tempted by junk food. And it’s easier to make my health a priority.

Before I begin, I practice mindfulness. If I have time, I spend longer on this step, breathing deeply, in and out, just letting go of everything and being in the moment.

If I’m pressed for time, I use Google Home’s “practice mindfulness” command (“Hey Google, practice mindfulness”), which is a quick two-minute session. I’m a techno-witch and I love using apps and other tech in my witchcraft.  Or Headspace has a few quick mindfulness rituals, too. Many of them are free.

Choose a location and set the scene. I do my new moon ritual at my desk. I light a candle and turn on my oil diffuser. My current oil of choice is lemongrass. I like how bright and fresh the smell is. I also wear my moonstone necklace because it’s an extra connection to Artemis.

The Ritual

For this spell, I don’t cast a circle, but you can, especially if you are a new witch who needs the power boost.

Relax and Center yourself. Breathe in the essential oils or the scent from the candle. I sometimes play ambient noise like a crackling fire or running water. You can find lots of free YouTube videos with ambient sounds. Don’t start the ritual until you are calm and ready.

I write my intentions in a journal. You can see the one I use above. Whenever I saw it in the store, I just knew I had to have it. You can do this digitally, but I like having an actual object to touch. However, you should do what feels right to you.

Take your time, write out what you want, and then go over it. I do this two or three times, visualizing each of these goals and how it might look and feel in my everyday life.

After the Ritual

Keep your journal in plain sight. I’ve placed mine in my office where I spend a lot of time. It’s in a little treasure chest I own, which is precious to me. Whenever I notice the journal, I think about my intentions and what I will accomplish this month.

Token from the spell. You might want to use a necklace, watch, bracelet, etc. in the spell and keep this with you as a talisman. I mentioned above, I wear a moonstone necklace as an extra energy boost.

Give to others. When you are expecting to receive gifts from the universe, it’s important to be generous to others. This doesn’t mean donating money. It could be the gift of time or your expertise. Think about someone who needs your help and do them a favor.

Wrap Up

Are you considering doing a manifesting ritual? What do you plan to ask for? Declare your intentions to the universe by telling me in the comments.


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