So, back in the day, I was seriously intense about witchcraft. I read every book I could get my hands on, followed spells to the letter, and generally went all Type A. And now, that I’m a little older, and more laid back, I’m a lot less intense. If you are super intense about the craft, then more power to you. Rock on with your witchy self. However, I’m not. And if you are reading this post, then I’m guessing you aren’t either.

I try to incorporate witchcraft into my daily routine and I save my energy and focus for a spell, not gathering all the fussy ingredients that go into it. I don’t stress myself out if I haven’t practiced the craft in a while, and generally give myself grace when I screw up. Which happens every now and then.

Here are a few tips on how to practice simple witchcraft or lazy AF witchcraft.


Yes, I celebrate the sabbats, but I don’t go all out. I will tweak my altar by season and sabbat. So, I generally have a winter, spring, fall, and summer altar, and then I add items or take them away, based on the wiccan holiday.

And this is incredibly lazy, but I celebrate the Christian holidays that have been co-opted by the Christian church. Things you would do for Christmas, are also a part of the Yule celebration, so I just blend the two. I observe Yule on the solstice, but I have fun with my family on Christmas, even though I’m not into the religious aspects.

Spell Ingredients

Witchcraft costs money. Think about it. Candles, incense, altar objects, herbs, and the list goes on. And on. I get annoyed with lengthy spells that have a long list of pricey ingredients. I’m a big believer in shopping at a dollar store. Yes, you heard me. You would be amazed at what you can find there. Take a little trip to yours and you’ll come home with a big bag full of witchy goodies for a few bucks.

I also go out into nature and collect things I need. Formally, this is known as foraging. For example, a stick can become a wand. You can pick wild flowers, leaves, rocks, etc. Just make sure you have permission if you aren’t on your own land. All of these can be useful in witchcraft and they are free.

So, before you go out and break the bank, take a look in your backyard. And check out your dollar store. Also, don’t be afraid to alter a spell that isn’t working for you, because you don’t have every single ingredient. Just make sure you track down the magical uses of herbs, plants, etc. so you don’t screw up the spell. And if you do, don’t freak. It happens to everyone. Give yourself grace.

simple witchcraft

Magical Tools

If you need a grimoire, you can use any number of journals you’d find at the dollar store. Like the ones pictured above. No, it doesn’t look like a prop from a Harry Potter film, but why should it? There’s no reason to use handmade paper and write on the pages of your Book of Shadows with a quill.  Or, if you’d like to try being a digital witch, use a free app like Keep Notes. Then you can also add digital images that appeal to you. And bonus, you can keep your grimoire with you anywhere you go.

An altar isn’t a necessity either. Some witches don’t use them, but I choose to. Also, it doesn’t have to be a table like I have either. You can use the top of a dresser, or a side table. Make witchcraft fit your lifestyle, not vice versa.

Simple Magic Every Single Day

Think of ways you can incorporate magic into your everyday life. It doesn’t need to be a whole thing with a ritual and a spell, and some chanting. For example, consider using the tarot for clarification daily. Practice your focus by being mindful while you drink your coffee. And while you are indulging your caffeine habit, fit in a little scrying session or do a simple coffee ritual.  If I were more of a cook, I’d do some kitchen witchery while I made dinner. I also pray to Artemis, my chosen deity every single day. I incorporate speaking with her into my morning routine. I feel like she’s watching over me as I go about tackling my to do list.

Brainstorm some ways you can fit in a little magic into your daily life. And don’t be afraid to practice Lazy AF Witchcraft.

So, do you practice lazy witchcraft? Or are you thinking about a more simple approach to your magic?