Six of Cups

Have you been taking care of others? The Six of Cups is about paying it forward and small acts of kindness. Looking for the Six of Cups reversed meaning? Scroll down.


A young boy and girl are standing outside of a castle. There are several cups filled with beautiful flowers. The boy is handing one of those cups to the little girl.

Six of Cups: Yes or No

This card is a great big, “yes.” Particularly if it has anything to do with children or family relationships.

Six of Cups: Meaning

You might be feeling nostalgic, thinking of a simpler time. Are you reflecting back on your childhood? Or adolescence?  Perhaps, its time to get in touch with your inner child and appreciate the simple pleasures in life like a good meal or television program you enjoy.

Or, this could be another kind of call to action. Did you have an old hobby you miss doing? Or maybe you are thinking about an old friend from high school or college. Or this could be about giving back. Engage in small acts of kindness in your community. This can be as simple for paying for someone else’s order at the coffee shop.


Six of Cups
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Six of Cups Reversed

Did you have a painful childhood? Have you been dwelling on bad memories? This might involve abuse or neglect. You might want to consult a professional about these issues.

Or have you been stingy with others? Don’t expect others to keep giving while you take. There should be an ebb and flow of giving and taking between family and friends.

This card might mean you aren’t “acting your age” and you need to approach a situation with more maturity. Look for The Fool in this reading to confirm.

Six of Cups Love

The Six of Cups is encouraging you to enjoy time spent with your partner as friends. Break out the board games and get in touch with your younger selves.It’s also a call for simpler pleasures. Make a meal you both enjoy together, appreciate laughing and talking with one another. Reconnect.

You and your partner are very comfortable with one another. You might have been together for years. Probably since you were young. You’ve seen each through the ups and downs of life. Even if you have a new relationship, the two of you might feel as if you’ve known each other for years. You have this deep connection.

While the relationship feels easy and fun, it isn’t exactly exciting. Some people thrive on the ups and down, the drama of a tempestuous relationship. They want passion. If this is what you are missing or looking for, you are in the wrong place.

If you’re single, this might be a call to action. Whatever happened to your first love? Or your high school crush you never had the nerve to talk to? You might find the love of your life if you start reaching out to old friends.


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