Six of Wands

Are you ready for a ticker tape parade? The Six of Wands is about public recognition for your good deeds and accomplishments. Scroll down for the Six of Wands in a Love reading.


A man is riding through town on a white horse. People gathered around him are cheering him on.

Six of Wands: Yes or No

When it comes to career and finance, this card is a “yes.”

Six of Wands: Meaning

Congratulations on your success! You might have recently had a breakthrough in your professional life and there are no barriers standing in your way.

People are taking notice of you, so enjoy the ride. This card signifies public recognition, so others may be looking to you as an example or asking for your advice.

You have leadership qualities and the ability to inspire others. Take your position seriously and use your influence to help people. Don’t just focus on your own needs and wants.

Six of Wands Love
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This card indicates a fall from grace, like a very public, embarrassing incident. Others may be gossiping about you. You are the “talk of the town” and not in a good way.

This card might show up in a reading when you have an over-sized ego and success has gone to your head. Don’t believe the hype. Everyone has flaws.

On the flip side, you might lack confidence. Don’t let your insecurities stand in the way of your ambitions. If you’ve done something wonderful, it’s okay to crow about your successes. Nobody else will. You should be a fan of your own work.

It could also mean “the haters” are after you. Everyone gets criticized for their work. It can be hurtful, but try not to take it so personally. The only way to avoid critics is to stay silent.

Six of Wands Love

Are you involved in a public relationship? Maybe you’ve gotten engaged? Or recently married?  Everyone knows about your upcoming marriage? Or you could be a high profile person in your community like a teacher or a minister. Regardless, you feel as if you are in a fish bowl and everybody is watching you. This can be unnerving.

There might be a class difference in your relationship. Someone with wealth, power, and position has taken an interest in you or vice versa. Despite the differences, this card indicates a happy union.

You might view this person as “eye candy.” Being with this person is all about ego.  He or she might be very wealthy or attractive. He or she is a “catch.” But do you really have feelings for this person?

Yet another interpretation is a conquest. Maybe your partner really wanted to sleep with you, or make you fall in love with him or her. And now he or she feels as if they’ve “won.” This is a cold attitude to have in a relationship. It isn’t about winning. It’s about intimacy and connection.

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Six of Wands

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