spell for weight loss

So, first I have to break the bad news. There is no spell to magically make you drop pounds while you eat as much junk food as you want and lay on the couch. Sucks, huh? Yeah, I wish it were that simple. If I did have a spell for that, I’d be a really wealthy woman.  But I have some good news. While we can’t make the pounds melt off, we can support the weight loss with a little magic. You’ll find a spell below, along with some practical tips.

Spell for Weight Loss

This is an altar spell which is my favorite kind of ritual. If you don’t have an altar, you can create one on a dresser, a table, or any other surface you like. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate space.


I’d do this spell with the new moon, because it’s the start of a new project. The new moon is all about beginnings if you’d like to take a positive approach. If you are taking a negative approach, try the waning moon.

Positive versus Negative Approach

What do I mean? Think about good habits you want to add (drinking more water, exercising, adding in fruits and vegetables). Or you could focus on things you’d like to eliminate (eating junk food, snacking between meals, and such).

Weight Loss Altar

Create an altar for your weight loss. You can add in some candles, crystals like purple amethyst or a sunstone.  You should also add in a personal item. This could be a picture of yourself at a lower weight, or a clothing item you want to fit into once again (skinny jeans!) or even a letter you write, describing what you’ll look and feel like. Mindset matters here. Negativity diminishes your power.  Don’t think about how you don’t like your body. Instead, think about improving your muscle tone, or endurance. It is about being a fitter, stronger you.

If you’d like, you can create a talisman you can keep with you, to reinforce your willpower. This could be a ring, a necklace, or other object. Simply lay it on the altar and when you are envisioning the spell working,infuse the object with your power.

The Spell

Cast a circle and then imagine what you want to look and feel like after you’ve lost the weight. Really picture it. How will losing weight make you feel? Act? If you have a personal deity, ask him or her for  help and guidance in this process. If some words come to mind, say them. This happens to me a lot when I’m doing a spell. Something will pop into my head. But you don’t have to say anything, as long as you envision yourself being stronger, healthier, and more fit.

You don’t have to keep this up for a long time. Stop when it feels “right” to you. You’ll just know.


Because weight loss is an ongoing process, I would keep this spell going until you reach your goal. Or you can use it in moments of weakness. Instead of eating that chocolate cake, spend some time at your altar. The more often you do this spell, the more likely it will be to succeed.

Some tips

These are not magical, but they are practical, and they will boost your efforts.  I’ve also struggled with weight and to make permanent changes in my life.  I’ve kept 40 pounds off for two years, using this spell and the tips below.

Start small

In the beginning, you are super excited, so you plan on thirty minutes of exercise a day, three healthy meals, and lots of other changes. But we get burnt out. It’s too much change, way too fast. This year, I tried to scale down my goals. I wanted to exercise every day. I set a daily goal of five minutes per day and it’s worked for me. Since January, I’ve hit my daily goal 95% of the time. And 35 minutes of exercise per week is much better than none.  So, try tiny habits. Mini Habits for Weight Loss has a ton of ideas on how you can break big goals down into small daily habits. For example, eating one piece of fresh fruit today, or doing ten squats. This would be the positive approach I mentioned above!

Plan ahead

So, I’ve found that when I’m caught without a plan, I will sabotage myself, especially when it comes to food. Meal prepping, carrying healthy snacks with you, and selecting healthy options ahead of time you can order at the restaurants around you will make it easier to stick to your goals. I looked at menus online to select options for myself, I carry Kind bars in my purse, and I make mason jar salads for lunches. Also, keep that talisman with you for this type of temptation!

Clean up your diet

So, I’ve found the less processed and pre-packaged foods I eat, the healthier I am. I eliminated pop/soda and went with Zevia and LaCroix instead. I got rid of sugar and started using Stevia. When I buy things like pasta sauce or salad dressing, I check the labels and buy the simplest option with the fewest ingredients. I got rid of simple carbs and switched to oatmeal, brown rice, sprouted bread, and quinoa. And I load up on veggies and fruit.


I used to hate it. Seriously. Sweating? Running around? No, thanks. I knew I needed to keep moving, but I didn’t want to force myself to do something, for even five minutes. Eventually, I’d say screw it and go back to laying on the couch. Instead, I went searching for activities I like. I found out that yoga, zumba, and HIIT works for me. When I get sick of one, I trade it out for another. I also knew I’d never stick to going to the gym everyday, so I turned to YouTube and using my own body weight instead of equipment. It is free, fast, and convenient, which means I have no excuses. I highly recommend The Fitness Marshall (zumba), Blogilates (PIIT or pilates + HIIT), and Yoga with Adrienne.

You have to combine the magical with the practical to lose weight, but it works. Have you used magic for weight loss before? How did it go? Tell me in the comments.