The Star

Are you feeling optimistic? The Star is all about inspiration, and communing with the muse.


A naked young blond woman is kneeling beside a pool. Above her, stars are shining in the heavens. She appears tranquil and relaxed. In the background, we see a bird and a lush, grassy field.

The Star Tarot : Yes or No

This card is a “yes.” You’ve got a green light. The Star is about creativity and using your intuition. You have the ability to make your dreams come true.

The Star: Meaning

This card is about seeking a deeper meaning for one’s life. The Star is associated with creativity, inspiration, and potential. Follow your dreams, manifest your desires into reality. You have the ability to make anything happen. Especially if you see the Two of Wands or The Magician in this reading.

Even if you aren’t artistic, you might infuse creativity into your work. You’re walking along the right path, the one you’re meant to be on. And you’re about to make your dreams come true. Literally, a star is born.

The Star is all about spirituality. This could indicate a renewed commitment or interest in your faith. Maybe you’ve finally found your path in life. This is especially true if The Hierophant also appears in the reading.


The Star Tarot Love
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You might feel stifled. Do you feel discouraged? Perhaps you’ve been putting in a lot of time on a creative goal or endeavor and you aren’t seeing any results yet. That can be very frustrating. Don’t give up.

If you’re a creative type, you might be experiencing a lack of inspiration or writer’s block. Creativity is a well we must fill from time to time. Take a break and seek inspiration in other people’s work.

The Star Tarot Love

In a relationship, The Star is about hope and walking the same path together. This partner makes you feel inspired. Both of you might have creative professions like musicians, artists, or writers. Regardless, you share both passion and passions and you feed off of each other’s creativity.  Enjoy each other’s company. Be on the lookout for The Lovers in this reading.

This also could mean the creation of a new life, especially if this card is paired with The Empress.

If you’re single, you’re in a healing phase right now. Have you just had a bad breakup? Or maybe you’ve been dealing with draining personal problems. You’re in a peaceful, tranquil phase, putting yourself back together again. Don’t rush into a new relationship until you’re ready. Learn from Temperance and find balance, before putting yourself out there once more.

As feelings, it might mean you think your crush is out of reach. Do you think he or she is out of your league? Maybe he is wealthy and you aren’t. Or maybe she is very beautiful, like a model, and could have any person she wanted. Check out the surrounding cards for guidance.


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The Star Tarot Love