Are you ready to be strong? The Strength tarot card meaning is all about courage, fortitude, and power. This not only refers to physical prowess. It can also mean strong moral character and resiliency.


A beautiful young woman with an infinity symbol over her head, like The Magician has tamed a lion, a symbol of our animal nature. She is outdoors, dressed in beautiful robes and seems at peace. The lion isn’t threatening to her. It appears to be her pet.

Strength: Yes or No

Strength is a “yes” but you will have to work for it. Use your inner will and drive to make things happen.

Strength: Meaning

In the upright position, Strength refers to confidence, patience, and courage. In the card, she has used love to tame this beast, not force. And your goals can be achieved without resorting to extreme measures. Confidence is often quiet, not boastful. Does The Chariot appear in the reading? You are going places and you have the will to make it happen.


Strength Tarot Love
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You might feel weak, out of control, and powerless to resist, either your own desires or someone else’s wishes. It’s important to recognize and use your power.

Or you might be beholden to your desires. We all have  impulses we’d love to follow. Sigmund Freud called these the Id. Look out for The Devil in this reading. You might be giving in to the worst parts of your nature.

We are beings who have bodies and they must be cared for with nourishing food, exercise, sex, and other bodily needs.

However, we can’t always give into our animal nature and there must be balance. Strength is urging you to find a balance between the mind and body.

There might be an addiction issue at play. Addictions can take many forms such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, or food. If this card is reversed, you are losing the battle with yourself. In this case, you might need help from a doctor, counselor, or another professional. Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness.


If this card represents you in a reading, you have a deep inner well of strength to draw from. You can handle yourself even in the worst of situations and pull through, no matter what. Relationships aren’t all about hearts and flowers. There is a lot of hard work involved in keeping two people together. It takes a great deal of willpower to keep a relationship fresh.

If this card applies to a partner, he or she is a strong person. He or she is deliberate, rather than impulsive. This person has the courage of his or her convictions and isn’t someone who takes love lightly.

This relationship might be very physical. In the carnal sense, the two of you are compatible in bed and have a strong sexual aspect to your partnership. Or it could be the two of you enjoy working out, cooking together, and taking care of your bodies. Maybe through yoga and meditation.


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