tarot card reading accuracy

So, your tarot card reading accuracy is a little wonky? It doesn’t make sense?  Maybe you asked a question about relationships and got a reading full of pentacles, which are all about finances.

We’ve all been there.

I’ve stared at the cards on the table several times, scratching my head and wondering what went wrong. Below you’ll find some reasons why your reading went astray and what you can do about it in the future.

Were you paying attention?

Sometimes stray thoughts interfere with a reading. Let’s go back to our pentacles example from above.  Maybe you asked a question about your significant other, but were thinking about the rent being due next week and how you are a few dollars short.

Meditation and mindfulness are incredibly important when it comes to witchcraft and tarot readings. Anything can derail your concentration, like ambient noise in the background, phone notifications, random thoughts. It’s important to center yourself and focus on the question in your mind.

I’d suggest trying the reading again after you’ve gotten your focus back.

Another Issue is More Pressing

The cards are intuitive. There might be another issue you need to know about and the cards offered up a reading on that situation instead. Perhaps this concern is more pressing, or maybe you didn’t even know there was an issue at all!

Regardless, take another look at the cards. Are you picking up on something else? You might not understand it at first. Jot down a note for yourself, so you can come back to this reading in the future.

State of Flux

Maybe the situation you were concerned about is still unfolding, so the cards aren’t sure what’s going to happen. Therefore, you got a jumbled mess of nonsense. This often happens when the situation is fluid, like you’ve applied for a new job, or maybe you just had a date with a cute barista and you wanna know what’s going to happen.

What do I do?

Look at the reading again. Could these cards be about another looming situation? Or a stray concern that wandered through your head?

Tarot Journal.  Keep track of your cards and what you asked. This is the best way to learn and keep your goals and issues in sight. You might want a notebook and a pen, or go the digital route and grab an app like Google Keep. I’m a digital girl and I prefer to keep everything with me at all times.

Don’t Keep Asking.  If you continue to ask again and again, you’ll just confuse the situation. Take a break from this particular situation and then come back to it in time. Believe me, I know it’s frustrating. You want answers, guidance, a little help, but you won’t make the situation any better by flogging the cards with repeated requests.

Study time. You might just need a little more exposure to the cards and how to find common themes and nuances in a reading. I’d recommend downloading my free tarot card cheat sheet. Or grab my complete tarot guide.

Have you had a nonsensical tarot reading? If so, tell me about it in the comments.


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