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Which tarot cards indicate love? Which one are for marriage? There are several cards in the deck with a strong association with romance, love, and marriage. We’ll take a look at them below.

Major Arcana

These are the Major Arcana Cards which are associated with love and marriage.

The Lovers

This one is the most obvious card on the list. The Lovers is about true love, twin flames, soul mates. This tarot card is for marriage as well, since there is a sense of union.

The Hierophant

The Heirophant is about institutions, particularly the church, so there’s a strong implication for marriage with this card. Although, not everyone agrees with this interpretation.

The Empress/The Emperor

Both of these cards are strong archetypes, male and female. They indicate a balance, a give and take of energy between them. Sometimes if these appear in a reading together and the couple is heterosexual, this is interpreted as the bride and groom cards.

Minor Arcana

These are the Minor Arcana cards which are associated with love and marriage.

Ace of Cups

Since the Suit of Cups is the one associated with emotions, most of these are going to be cups. The Ace of Cups is about overwhelming emotion. While this can be either positive or negative and depends on the rest of the cards surrounding it. It often shows up in love readings.

Two of Cups

This is the Minor Arcana equivalent of The Lovers. The Two of Cups indicates an attraction to another person, a meeting of the minds.

Three of Cups

So, this card can indicate a wedding or an engagement celebration. However, it might not be yours.  There is a strong engagement/marriage energy with it, and it also shows up as infidelity. 

Ten of Pentacles

This card is all about legacy, ancestry, history. It speaks to building a life with a partner, welcoming him or her into your family.

Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups practically screams “and they lived happily ever after!” The couple is even standing underneath a rainbow.

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands is all about passion. If you take a long look at this card it has an, um, phallic association. This is about a strong, dynamic sexual connection with another person. There might also be an element of excitement here. You set each other on fire.

Four of Wands

This card indicates a happy home, lovers who enjoy being together. It means their shared living space is harmonious. This card appears in a love reading when your partner feels “at home” with you. It might mean they feel as if they’ve known you for years even if you’ve only been together a few weeks.

Useful Resources

I have a free tarot card cheat sheet to help you learn the meanings. You might also be interested in tarot cards that indicate cheating.  I have a number of spreads for love and marriage, as well as love and relationship questions to ask the tarot. You can also order a reading from me on Etsy if you like.

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What tarot cards do you associate with love and marriage? Have any of these cards popped up in a reading you were doing?


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