tarot cards that indicate cheating

Being betrayed by someone you love is always painful. Sometimes, the tarot can give you a heads up on this kind of situation. Chances are, if you are reading this post, your intuition has given you a heads up. Here are some tarot cards that indicate cheating. Please remember that you have to look at the reading as a whole, not just a specific card. The entire spread matters. Are the cards largely negative or positive?

Tarot Cards That Indicate Cheating

Here’s a collection of cards that are associated with infidelity. Remember, this is in the context of a relationship reading.

The Moon

This card is associated with the unconscious and the unknown. When it appears in a reading, there is something big that you are missing. It often slides into a spread when there is a huge secret being kept from a partner. Sometimes this is cheating, in other situations it could be financial. Whatever it is, The Moon is about hiding something awful.

The Devil

The Devil is all about indulging yourself, usually to your own detriment. It’s about giving into your urges, losing yourself in decadence. It can also indicate a lover that is dangerously addictive.  The Devil also deals with sexual addiction and kinky sexual practices.

Three of Cups

This card is associated with the other woman or the other man. It’s all about enjoying yourself. Eating and drinking and being merry. It’s an indulgence card.

Seven of Swords

If you look at the figure in this card, he is being really sneaky, creeping away with stolen swords in his arms. The Seven of Swords is all about going behind someone’s back and doing something terrible.

Ten of Swords

One look at this card and you know what it is about. The figure has literally been stabbed in the back. If someone is betraying you, in anyway, this card will pop up in a reading.

The Tower

This card usually indicates the end is nigh. It’s one of the scariest cards you can get. It usually shows up right before a large upheaval. Things usually work out for the better, once the dust has settled, but change is never an easy thing. It’s often the aftermath of infidelity.

Tarot Cards Associated with Cheaters

These cards will show up in a reading when you are involved with a Lothario, a Casanova. So, beware!

The Magician

The Magician is a silver-tongued devil who can sweet talk you into just about anything. Sometimes, this just indicates a man who has had a lot of experience, who appreciates women. Other times, it’s more malevolent. You will have to figure out the meaning from the rest of the cards.

The Knight of Cups

The Knight is a seducer, a flatterer. He will tell you what you want to hear, in order to get what he wants. His intentions are hardly ever benign.

While you are here

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So, these are the tarot cards that indicate cheating. I hope this helped you out. Let me know in the comments below.  Didn’t get the clarity you were looking for? You can always order a reading from me.


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