Do you need balance in your life? Temperance is all about finding a rhythm, a routine.


temperance tarot
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We see a winged angel standing in a river with two cups, shifting water between them, balancing the amount in each.

Temperance Tarot Yes or No

This card is a “yes” provided you are seeking balance and harmony in your career, relationship, etc. If your priorities are out of whack, it is a “no.”

Temperance: Meaning

Right now, you’re adjusting to change and finding your equilibrium.  Perhaps you’ve come through a period of disruption and you’re finally hitting your stride. Everything is in harmony and running smoothly. You have a good routine going and you can balance all of your duties.

You’ve mapped out the path ahead of you and you know how to achieve your goals while having time for the ones you love.

Temperance Tarot Reversed

Things are out of whack in your life at the moment and balance needs to be restored.

Are you devoting too much time to work? We need to balance our responsibilities with our priorities. What do you value most? Does your schedule reflect those values? What about your personal life? Is it interfering with your career? You have to find some middle ground.

Are you keeping aspects of yourself or life separate? Are you overwhelmed? Maybe you’re having money issues and hiding this from your family or your employer.  Maybe you keep your work and home life completely separate and this is putting a strain on you. Secrets have a way of surfacing. If you’ve been keeping something from a loved one or employer, it might come back to bite you on the behind.

Temperance Tarot Love

You’ve entered a peaceful state in your relationship. There’s no drama or upheaval. It’s all smooth sailing. All aspects of your relationship are in order. You’ve found both a lover and a friend and enjoy spending time together.

This card doesn’t signify excitement. instead, it’s about finding a rhythm. You are comfortable with one another. Perhaps you’ve been in this relationship for a while and it’s no longer about infatuation. It’s more like lazy Sundays having breakfast in bed rather than wild romantic nights. You’re both committed and content with how this relationship is progressing.

This card might mean you haven’t yet reached a balance in your relationship. Maybe one of you is making more compromises than the other. Or maybe you are both stubbornly insisting on getting your own way, so you’ve reached a stalemate. This is especially true if Justice makes an appearance in the reading. Sit down with your significant other and decide what is truly important to you, and what you are willing to make compromises on.

If you’re single, you are happy on your own. Maybe you’re concentrating on your education or career at the moment. Or you’ve decided to give yourself some “me time” while considering options. Regardless, you’re content with the status quo. You’ve found balance on your own between your work and your personal life.


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