I think every witch should have a well-stocked apothecary she or he can use to craft any type of spell. Herbs for prosperity are especially important. We can’t neglect our finances. I do a lot of prosperity work, including having a wealth altar in my home. So, these herbs are a regular part of my practice.

One way to build an apothecary is to get a subscription, like the Witches Roots Box, where an herb is sent to you every month, along with other ritual tools and information on how to use them. Read more about that here.

Another method, is to order some supplies from Etsy. Tallgrass Apothecary is my favorite. You can get 5 herbs for $8 with free shipping. Check out Tallgrass Apothecary here.  Below you will find a small selection of the herbs I own.

If you are really short on funds, head on over to the Dollar Tree. Or whatever dollar store is available in your neck of the woods. They have a lot of great options. And if you are a green witch, consider planting your own herb/botanical garden for magical purposes.

Without any further ado, here are ten of the best herbs for prosperity.

herbs for prosperity

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are one of my favorite magical tools. For a super simple money magic spell, just write your desire on a bay leaf and then burn it while thinking of your intention. These little guys can also be used for manifesting. They are especially potent when it comes to prosperity work.


Basil is my favorite, go-to herb when it comes to prosperity. Why? Because it’s always in my kitchen, since I love cooking with it, It’s inexpensive, and most people already have it on hand. Not to mention, it just works for me. I’ve had very good luck with basil in my spells.


Ginger is an all-around fantastic herb to have in your apothecary. It has a way of “heating up” your spell work. It makes things go much faster. It is also used in prosperity magic because it will speed up your spell.

This spice, combined with others on the list can also be used in kitchen witchery. For example, you could bake up a batch of money magic spice cookies (cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg, etc.).


Cinnamon isn’t just for love spells. It has a lot of uses, depending on your intentions. And money magic is one of them. So, I use incense in a lot of my magical workings. Learn more about that here. I love burning little pieces of cinnamon bark when I do prosperity spells. You can also use cinnamon sticks as incense. I would buy these in bulk to save a little cash. You can also grab them at the dollar store during the holiday season for dirt cheap, so stock up.


Cloves are very aromatic. It’s another herb I burn on my charcoal disks. This herb has cleansing properties as well as wealth properties, so it banishes negativity. If you have been worried about your finances, this is an excellent one to use.


This spice can draw money to you. Like dill (listed below), it is associated with luck, so if you need a little magical push, this is the spice you want to use.


This is a more exotic spell ingredient. It’s also known as five finger grass. This is a powerhouse herb to have in your collection. It works for love spells, health, and manifesting. I love having herbs on hand that have more than one use.


Catnip is potent for money magic. Catnip is a form of mint and it has attraction properties, so it will draw money to you like a magnet.


Dill is another fantastic herb to work with. It isn’t directly related to prosperity, but it attracts luck. So, if you are going out gambling or you have entered a sweepstakes, or if you want to give yourself a little boost to get a better paying job or a raise, this is the herb you want to use.


This herb has strong protective properties, especially when it comes to wealth. If you want to protect the money you do have, this is the herb for you.

What herbs for prosperity do you use? Let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for more ideas.

herbs for prosperity