Ten of Cups

Home is where the heart is. The Ten of Cups is about happiness, prosperity, and love. You have a lot to be grateful for and your home life is blessed.


We see a happy family standing in a green lawn. In the distance, is their home. Above them, across the bright blue sky, is a rainbow, which is dotted with ten cups.

Ten of Cups: Yes or No

This card is a “yes!” Go for it. It’s literally rainbows and puppies.

Ten of Cups: Meaning

The Ten of Cups depicts a happy, loving family, which is what you have. Your emotional bonds are strong, and you love one another. This doesn’t mean you don’t have arguments and issues, but you handle those well.

If you are feeling dissatisfied with your relationships, this card might be trying to tell you, that your expectations are out of whack. Have you been looking for a fairy tale? Or a picture-perfect television family where all the problems are resolved in a half an hour? Real life is rarely that easy.

You might have to adjust your expectations. Just because your family isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean your loved ones don’t cherish you.

Ten of Cups Love
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Ten of Cups Reversed

At the moment, you are having family issues. This might be marital problems, or maybe you are having behavioral concerns about one of your children.

If you don’t have a family of your own, this could mean your family of origin. Are you arguing with your brothers and sisters? Do you have problems with your parents?

If you aren’t close to your family, you might be feeling lonely. Does The Hermit appear in your spread?

Are you close to your friends? Consider making a “family” of your own.  It’s important to have people  in your life who support you.

Ten of Cups Love

You are in a happy, supportive relationship. Congratulations! You love one another. This is a healthy, happy union. Look for the Two of Cups and The Lovers in this reading.

Take a closer look at this card. It’s perfection, right? There is a freaking rainbow overhead, for pity’s sake. Everyone seems incredibly happy. Too happy. You might be wanting your marriage and family life to be perfect. You have this image of what you want, but reality fails to live up to your expectations. Are you expecting too much? Or have you chosen the wrong partner to give you what you need? Only you know. One thing is for sure, this relationship has failed to live up to your expectations. Change your mindset or your relationship.

If you are single, this might be the ideal of what you are seeking, and it’s a great goal to have. Just remember that fantasy and reality are two different things. You can have a vision board, and plan for your future, but don’t get carried away. Make sure your wants, needs, and desires are grounded in reality.


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