Ten of Pentacles

What’s your legacy? The Ten of Pentacles is about taking stock of your life. Did you live the very best life you could have? Looking for the Ten of Pentacles in a love reading? Scroll down.


We see an elderly man surrounded by his family. There is young couple in the distance and a child. Two dogs kneel at his feet. It’s a happy, peaceful scene. We assume they are all related.

Ten of Pentacles: Yes or No

This card is a great big “yes!”

Ten of Pentacles: Meaning

This card is about celebrating your path in life. Did it lead you where you wanted to go? You may be looking back at past decisions. Did you make the right choices?

Connection is key. Learn about your ancestors and how they lived might give you insights into your own destiny. Pass on stories to the younger generation. Tell them about your parents and grandparents.

Are you wealthy? This is about more than your portfolio or bank statements.  Do you have good relationships with family members? Do you have a support system in place? Is there a lot of love and kindness in your world? Then you are blessed.

Ten of Pentacles love
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Ten of Pentacles Reversed

Are you the black sheep of your family? Or maybe they’ve betrayed you and you’ve turned your back on them. Regardless, you feel alone now and there’s a disconnection from your legacy.

If reconciliation isn’t an option, what else can you do to carry on meaningful traditions?

If an elder has recently died, there might be a family squabble over the estate. Or maybe there is a dispute over the keepsakes. Try to resolve these as amicably as possible. Memories matter more than material items.

Ten of Pentacles Love

You are absorbed in your family life at the moment. This could be the family you’ve made with a partner, or your family of origin.  Enjoy your time with loved ones. At this point, your family is more important to you than anyone or anything else.

Again, this card is associated with money, but not all riches are about wealth. You might have a very deep connection with members of your family. There is a lot of emotional support and security. This card is also about culture, family stories, interconnections.

If you are asking about a new romantic partner, you might be evaluating this person, and seeing how he or she would fit into your life. This would include your larger family and cultural traditions. Would your parents approve? Would you be able to pass on this heritage together to the next generation? Can you see yourself growing old with this person?

A word of caution, if you are having an affair with someone who is married and you’ve asked if this person would be interested in starting a more serious partnership with you, I have bad news. This card is an indication he or she is committed to their family. Not you. Seek love elsewhere.



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