Ten of Wands

Have you had it? The Ten of Wands appears in a spread when you’re being overworked and underappreciated. Scroll down for Ten of Wands in a love reading.


We see a man pushing a heavy load of wands. He’s bent over and seems exhausted by his burden.

Ten of Wands: Yes or No

This card is a great big “no!” Sorry. You already overburdened and burnt out.

Ten of Wands: Meaning

Feeling overwhelmed?

This is an excellent time to take another look at your priorities. Have you taken too much on? Are your tasks and goals lined up with your values? For example, if your family is important to you, how much time are you really spending with them? And is this quality time? Or are you checking your phone for messages and emails the entire time.   Is there anything you can eliminate from your schedule? It might be time to start saying “no” to requests.

This could also mean a project or task you’ve taken on is no longer fun, interesting, or challenging. It has become a source of stress, a burden. See if you can delegate this responsibility to someone. If all else fails, focus on optimizing your productivity, so you spend less time on the project.

Or it could be you no longer like your job. It might be time to move on and look for other work. Polish your resume and start sending it out.

Ten of Wands Love
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Have you been putting off projects and tasks? You might have a pile of work waiting for you. And this is causing you to procrastinate even more. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get going.

Or are you spending your valuable time on tasks that don’t matter? Doing busy work? You might want to spend some time learning about productivity and prioritizing your schedule, so you can get more done in less time. If you can’t find a way to automate or delegate something, see if you can eliminate those responsibilities.

Ten of Wands Love

This card comes up when one person in a relationship has the lion’s share of the work. You might feel your partner is taking advantage of you or taking you for granted. How can you distribute the work load more evenly? Is your partner willing to step up and help?

Or your partner feels as if you are asking too much of them. Does he or she plan all the dates? And pay for everything? Is your relationship unequal?

If you are just starting to date someone, your potential partner might feel you have a lot of baggage. Your defenses are up and it is difficult to get to know you. Especially if the Four of Pentacles or Queen of Swords makes an appearance.

Are you “married” to your job? If you’re single, your career is crowding out your personal life. Balance is important, especially if Temperance reversed appears in the reading. Chances are, if the Ten of Wands has shown up in your reading, you’re feeling overwhelmed and drained. You might need to live a little. The Devil or Strength will confirm this interpretation.


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ten of wands

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