The Lovers

Love is in the air! Can you feel it? The Lovers is very straightforward. It’s about romance, connection, and following one’s heart.


A beautiful winged angel is in heaven, illuminated by a blazing sun, looking down upon two mortal lovers. They are naked, like Adam and Eve in the garden.

Despite this nudity, there is an innocence about the pair. Their union is about purity, love, and devotion. It’s clear they are soul mates, and destined to be together.


The Lovers: Meaning

This card is about love, of course, but love has many forms. It could mean a romantic relationship, friendship, or loving yourself. You’ve found “the one” and your relationship is on track.

If you haven’t asked about a pairing, this could be about making a decision or choosing a path forward. Sometimes our head and heart are pushing us in two different direction. If you’ve asked for guidance, whatever your situation, going with your heart is the answer.

The Lovers
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When this card is reversed, the relationship is centered on sexual chemistry, rather than a deeper connection. This can be a wonderful thing, or troubling, depending on what you’re seeking. One thing is clear. If you’re looking for a soul mate , you haven’t found one.

Conversely, this card might be about unrequited love. In this case, it’s important to love oneself, rather than pining after someone who can’t or won’t appreciate what you have to offer.

If this reading is about an issue, it could mean you’ve made a poor choice, or are about to make one. Reevaluate the situation and listen to your intuition on this one.


If you’ve asked about a relationship and the card is in the upright position, you’ve met your match. Let your guard down and enjoy the romance. There is a strong sexual vibe to this card as well, and you might be compatible both in and out of the bedroom.


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The Lovers