Three of Swords

Have you been betrayed? The Three of Swords indicates pain and loss.


Against the backdrop of a rainy, gray and cloudy sky, we see a heart being pierced by three swords.

Three of Swords: Yes or No

This is a great big “no.” The Three of Swords is about grief and heartache, and not getting what we want.

Three of Swords: Meaning

The Three of Swords is all about pain and heartache. Someone you know and trust has betrayed you, or will in the very near future. This could be either in your personal or professional life. You might be hurting right now, but you will learn from this situation and grow from it. This is a painful lesson, but it will teach you about building appropriate boundaries.

The Three of Swords also indicates a painful loss up ahead. This could mean you’ve been asked to sacrifice something or someone. Maybe you’ve been wanting something very badly, like a child, or a love interest, or a small business you’ve been wanting to start. However, this isn’t the right time. You will have to put this dream on a shelf for now. This will be painful, but you can handle it and you will be stronger for having gone through this heartache.

Three of Swords
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In this position, you’ve made a sacrifice. Watch out for The Hanged Man in this reading. It could’ve been willing or unwilling. Have you let go of a person? A possession? You loved whatever you released and you are moving forward. Albeit slowly.

However, you haven’t seen the benefit of letting go, you can only perceive the cost. Give it time. You will be rewarded for your sacrifice.

Or maybe you’ve been ignoring what is obvious, and sticking your head in the sand. Do you need to move on, but you’re clinging to the past? It’s time to let go and find a new path. You can stay on this one, but you it won’t lead you anywhere you want to go.

Three of Swords Love

When it comes to romance, the Three of Swords indicates discovering something painful. Has your husband or wife cheated on you? Maybe your partner has been racking up debts and you’re in the dark about it. Get to the bottom of it, and correct the issue.

This card is about unexpected pain and disappointment. Look for The Tower in this reading. Or the Ace of Swords. It could be a terrible revelation, something that has shaken your faith in the person.

If you are single, you are headed for heartache. Maybe the man or woman you’ve been flirting with is married. Or maybe they’ve been hiding something else unpleasant. He or she might be seeing several other people. This revelation will be painful in the short-term, but the loss will put you on the right path. Your current boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t the right partner for you. Move on and the perfect one will eventually appear.


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