how to scry


What is Scrying?

Scrying is a method of divination, which has been used for centuries. It may give you a glimpse of the future, some clarity on an issue, or provide you with information you didn’t even think to ask for. Below, you will see the methods I’ve used to scry. Feel free to tweak the process to suit you.

Before you Begin

I prefer to scry at night. Personally, I feel my powers of intuition are enhanced by moonlight. Maybe because I’ve chosen Diana or Artemis as my goddess and she controls the moon.

However, daytime might work better for you. Use the trial and error method to see what suits you.

Before I begin, I practice mindfulness or meditate to clear my thoughts. Also, if you are worried about something (an item on your to-do list, a phone call you need to return etc.) do those things before you begin, so you won’t be anxious. Concentration is key.

Set the scene for scrying. I turn out all the lights and light some candles and incense. However, you don’t need to do all of those things, or any of them. Do what makes you feel intuitive and centered. This isn’t a formal spell, so you don’t need to cast a circle either.

How to Scry

When you’re ready to begin, stare at an object (candle flame, bowl or cup, or your cell phone screen) and let your thoughts drift. Some people see images in those surfaces, while others have images sort of “pop” into their heads. You might get certain feelings or hunches. For me, words pop into my head. I keep a journal with me, so I can write down my impressions and remember them later.

Some people say it’s a way to connect with the divine, others believe it’s a way to get in touch with your intuition. I can’t say for certain either way, but I do know it works.

Just as a warning, the first couple of times, I didn’t see a darn thing. I was nervous and it was blocking me. So don’t give up!

Some people use a scrying mirror for this activity. You can either buy one or make one. Before I bought my own, I DIY-ed a cheap method to see if I enjoyed scrying first.

Scry with Water

You’ll need a black bowl or cup. You can get one of these very cheaply at the dollar store, or you might have one lurking in the cupboard. Fill the bowl with water. Voila, a budget-friendly scrying tool!

Alternatively, you can use black liquid like coffee or tea. However, it will get cold and you won’t be drinking it. Sorry, I’m a coffee lover. Oh, the horror of letting it go to waste!

Scry with your Cell Phone

Your cell phone is a black screen you carry with you at all times and I’ve used it a time or two in a pinch. I don’t find it as easy as the other methods, but it does work.

For this, you’ll need to prop it against something, so you can stare into the screen. And turn off your notifications, or you’ll be distracted!

Scry with Candle Flame

Chances are, you have a candle in your house. You can sit in a darkened room and look into the flame. This can even work with an LED Candle if you’re in a dorm room and can’t have a real candle.

Have you ever scryed before? What did you use? How did it work for you? Tell me below in the comments.