Witchy Apps

Here are my top five witchy apps for the technopagan. A technopagan is simply a wiccan or witch who loves to use modern technology. Just as a heads up, I’m an Android girl. As you might know, I’m a fan of lazy witchcraft, and I love using technology. It just makes everything easier.  I used it to create a Book of Shadows, to follow the moon phases, and other witchy things.

Galaxy Tarot

Sometimes, I don’t remember to bring my tarot deck with me. So, I keep this app on my phone. It’s a quick way to do a reading. You can also learn about the tarot cards and keep a tarot journal. You can use Galaxy Tarot for free or pay a $2 fee and get access to several more spreads. FYI, I paid for the upgrade. I highly recommend the Galaxy Spiral Spread.  It is fantastic for when you start a new project or side gig and want some advice. You can also get this app on your Kindle device from Amazon.

Galaxy Runes

Speaking of divination and Galaxy, I love their runes app as well. Once again, this is great divination option on the go. Carrying a bag of stones is not always convenient. This app also taught me a lot about runes. You can also check out my post on runes, if you are new to them.

Daff Moon Phase

I practice moon magic, especially since I worship Artemis. This app is incredibly helpful because it tells you about the lunar phases. It’s easy to keep track of everything. Also, if you follow astrology or astronomy, the app gives you information on the other planets as well. As a bonus tip, you can use Google Calendars to track moon phases. You can read how to do it in my Moon Magic post.


Okay, this app might seem like an odd choice. Shine is available on iPhone as well. Shine isn’t pagan, per se, but it deals with mindfulness and positivity. It’s part of my daily morning routine. I check in with my mood, get some advice, and do a quick meditation. Today, it was about not making things too complicated. Sometimes, it’s okay to take the easy route. As a perfectionist, that’s incredibly helpful! Also, it’s excellent if you happen to be manifesting.

Notebook Apps

So, I’ve mentioned this before, especially in my Grimoire post. Google Keep, Evernote, and OneNote are great options for keeping witchy notes, creating a Book of Shadows, and other technopagan uses. I love having spells at my fingertips, anywhere I go.

Bonus Apps

Okay, so here a couple bonus apps I love. Pinterest is a fantastic place to find new spells, witchy tips, information on tarot cards, and lots of other pagan goodies. If you think about it, Pinterest isn’t a social media app. It’s a pretty search engine.  Wicca Herbarium is also awesome because it gives you information on plants and herbs you can use in witchcraft.

Did I miss any apps? Let me know in the comments!


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