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The Tower Tarot Love | Tarot Basics | Tarot & Witchcraft

The Tower

You’re about to take a tumble. And yes, The Tower is exactly as bad as it looks. This card is about sudden changes and shifts. And you need to prepare for tough times ahead.


We see lightning striking a tower which is on a high mountain peak. Smoke billows out of the structure and we get the sense The Tower is burning down.  Two individuals are presumably falling to their deaths.

The Tower Tarot Yes or No

This card is a “no.” Actually, it’s a NO. There should be capital letters involved. Maybe bolded and underlined too. Turn away, you are on the wrong path.

Meaning: The Tower

This card is about chaos, destruction, the end as  we know it. It usually indicates a sudden change and not for the better, at least in the short-term. However, in the long-term this upheaval might bring new opportunities, even if the process is painful.

If this card is in the future position in a tarot layout, you should prepare yourself. Not just emotionally but financially. You might lose your job or have a huge unexpected expense. It could indicate the end of a relationship.

the tower tarot love
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This change will be swift and sudden. Whatever happens, isn’t your fault, but you must deal with the fallout.


When this card is reversed, the destruction The Tower brings won’t be as bad. However, change is coming.

If The Devil appears in this tarot spread, take extra caution. You might have inadvertently set things into motion. Your actions might have consequences which you didn’t intend, but you will have to deal with them anyway. However, you also have the ability to make changes.

It could also mean you’re resisting a change that is inevitable. You’re under pressure, trying to hold on to the past, but it’s futile. Eventually, the metaphorical dam will break. Things might be messy for a while, but you’ll figure out how to deal with the new normal.

The Tower Tarot Love

Whatever’s going to happen in your relationship,  will throw you for a loop. This might be the end of your current relationship. It could mean a terrible fight which changes the way you perceive yourself or your partner. You might have discovered your significant other has been cheating on you. Or they have fallen out of love with you and want a separation. Whatever this revelation is, things are going to change, in really big ways. You need to prepare yourself.

If you’re single, it could also be someone new is going to drop out of the sky and turn your life upside down in a wonderful way. This is a rare interpretation of the card. If Death appears in the reading, it’s a good sign. This change is inevitable and your life will never be the same, but in a good way.

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the tower tarot yes or no