Everyday Witchcraft

It can be difficult to find time for rituals. If you practice more traditional witchcraft, there is a lot of ceremony and work involved. Even for my brand of lazy witchcraft, there can be a lot of effort. I’d found myself lacking when it came to practicing the craft, until I installed some everyday witchcraft habits into my daily routine.

Build a Morning or Evening Routine

This is my first tip and it’s probably the most helpful. Set up a morning or an evening routine with some witchy habits. This will make it easier to practice.


Lay everything out that you will need. Why? Because you want to reduce friction. The more barriers you put between you and something you want, the easier it is to skip it. That’s why trainers will tell you to pack a gym bag the night before you workout. That way, you won’t have any excuses.

Sigil Magic

Sigils don’t require a lot of ingredients or time. You can make one with a pen or paper. This is a versatile sort of magic you can use in infinite ways. I have digital ones on my computer, tablet, and phone. I also have protection sigil in my car.

Daily Divination

I pull tarot cards every single day. It’s usually a one, two, or three card reading unless I have something big going on.  I have a tarot app on my phone and I usually carry a pocket tarot in my purse, just in case. I love being a technopagan, but I feel a real connection when I have the actual cards in my hands. You don’t have to do tarot though. You can use a pendulum, throw the bones, or whatever divination practice you like.

Connect with a Deity or the Universe

If you are a Wiccan, connect with your deity daily. This can be as simple as a little prayer. If you are a secular witch, connect with the universe or nature. How? Watch the sun rise or set. Look at the stars overhead, notice the moon. Just a few minutes can build that connection.

Kitchen Witchery

This is an easy one. Everyone makes some meals during the week. Herbs and spices have powerful magical properties and you can use those in meal-based spells. Read up on some kitchen witch techniques. If you meal prep, load up your fridge with witchy good vibes.


Focus is important in witchcraft. Intention is what fuels spells. So take a couple of minutes to ground yourself in the here and now.Let the world fall away and focus on yourself. Here are a couple ways you can build this into your daily routine. Another way you can do this, is yoga. I’ve found some five minute yoga flows I use almost every day to quiet my mind.

Connect with your brand of Witchcraft

Depending on what kind of witch you are, connect with your particular brand of the craft. Are you a green witch? Go for a walk outside. Are you a sea witch? Walk on the beach, or down by the river. Are you a cosmic witch? Look at your horoscope for the day or follow the lunar phases.

Create Sacred Space

I have my altar in my living room and I stop by there every single day. I light a candle, pray to Artemis, and spend a few minutes there, soaking in the ambience. You don’t need an entire table, a spot on a shelf or a dresser will do. Just designate a sacred space and spend a few minutes there.

Dream Journal

Dreams are powerful in magic, especially if you are doing shadow work. Nightmares, especially. But dreams in general are a gateway to our shadow selves.  These can be prophetic. I’ve gotten a warning in my dreams. They can also help you work on problems. When I’m having trouble finding a solution to an issue, I will often think of it before bed, almost programming my subconscious mind to work on it. More often than not, I will wake up with the answer.

Keep a dream journal by your bed or use a journaling app on your phone. Record your thoughts and feelings about the dream right away before it fades. You can look at these later and see some patterns.

Crystal Magic

Crystals don’t require a lot of effort, but they pack a punch. Use them for different reasons. I keep citrine on my desk because it’s associated with creativity and motivation. I keep a rose quartz on me all the time because it brings feelings of love and affection. Stash some crystals in your home and on your person for good vibes, healing, protection. The possibilities are endless.

Enchanted Cleaning

I make my own cleaning solutions. It’s cheap, eco-friendly, and magical. What’s not to love? Check out these recipes for DIY Natural Cleaners. Grab some cheap supplies from the Dollar Store like baking soda, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar. Add essential oils to them. Rosemary is my favorite oil to add because it’s associated with purification. Lemon also has purification powers, but you can add any oil you like. Intention matters in witchcraft. Just make sure to imagine you are wiping away any negativity as you clean.

Recharge your Energy

Witches use our own power or energy for witchcraft and it can take a toll on you. Make sure to schedule in a little bit of self care, either once a day or a longer session on the weekend.

Protect yourself

Add protective sigils to your car, or your clothing. Draw one in chalk on the back of your front door. You can also use crystals near the doors and windows to your house. My favorite is black tourmaline. Or you can even create wards for your home.

Enchant your Makeup

Who doesn’t want a little beauty boost? Check out this post on how to do beauty magic. Every time you paint your nails or put on some lipstick, you get a little magical boost. This could also apply to men, if you’d like to put a spell on your self care items.

Lavender for Sleep

Buy or make a lavender pillow spray to help you get some peaceful rest. Spray your pillows before bedtime, think about resting comfortably, and enjoy. Lavender promotes rest and relaxation without using sleep medications.  This will also help you recharge your energies.

Use your Phone

Your phone has a lot of witchy possibilities. Install some witchy apps. Use it for scrying. Use Pinterest or Evernote, or Google Keep as your digital Book of Shadows. Use an RSS feed reader app like Pocket to follow witchy and tarot blogs. That way you have an ongoing supply of magical articles at your fingertips.

Watch a Witchy Show or Movie

This falls into the category of inspiration. If I’m feeling a little blah about practicing the craft, I’ll watch one of these to get myself in the mood to cast. I have a whole post on my favorites.

Visit the Library

You can find a lot of witchy books at your local library. I’m always looking for new spells and ideas.  By the way? You can visit the library digitally with OverDrive. You can download library books on your Kindle. It’s my favorite way to “go to the library” and it is absolutely free.

Learn Feng Shui

This is going to seem like a strange tip, but hold on a second. Magic is all about personal power and energy. In Feng Shui. this would be called chi. You want this power to move about your home freely. I noticed a huge difference in my power when I rearranged my home office. When I placed myself by the window, and put my desk in the power position, I no longer hated working in my office. I did the same thing with my bed, placing it in the power position, so I felt more secure and protected.

Soon, I did my whole apartment.  I highly recommend Move your Stuff, Change your Life. There are different energy or power centers in the home and you can add items to these to supercharge them, almost like creating little altars everywhere. I did one for love, one for wealth, one for health, and so on.

I hope you got some ideas. How do you practice everyday witchcraft? Tell me in the comments.

Everyday Witchcraft