Two of Cups

Have you found your partner? And not just in the romantic sense. The Two of Cups is about finding a deep and meaningful partnership. Want to know about the Two of Cups in a love reading? Scroll down.

Two of Cups: Yes or No

This card is a “yes” if it involves any sort of partnership. This could be business-oriented, friendship, or a romantic pairing.


A man and a woman, holding cups, are meeting in the middle of a lush green field.  It’s clear they are engaged in some type of commitment ceremony. This card is an echo of The Lovers.

two of cups love
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Two of Cups: Meaning

The Two of cups is about a partnership, a union. This may or may not have romantic overtones. It could indicate a close business partner, or even a trusted friend. Regardless of whether this partnership is romantic or sexual, there is a strong emotional bond between the two of you.

This card is about balance, equality, a meeting of equals and shared interests. You have a partnership in every sense of the term. The two of you balance one another out.

If you don’t have a partner at this time, it could mean acknowledging and accepting a part of yourself you have been running from. By embracing this aspect of yourself you have been made whole.


In the reversed position, there is disharmony, inequality, an imbalance. There might be a serious argument, broken contracts, or a business dispute. Look for Justice to appear in this reading or even Temperance.

You might be craving distance from your partner, time apart to reassess this relationship, whether it is business or personal. Communication is an issue and the two of you need to sit down and hash out your differences.

There might be an imbalance of power in your partnership. If your relationship isn’t equal, you need to redefine it. Make sure both of your voices are being heard. Communication is also an issue. You should both get on the same page.

If there is no partner, you have been running from an aspect of yourself. Take a good look at your shadow self and acknowledge it. It is the first step to accepting it.

Two of Cups Love

Depending on the rest of the cards in this spread, the Two of Cups is about romance, fulfillment, a union in every sense of the term. If you’re with a partner, he or she is probably the love of your life. You are on the same wave-length. You understand and respect one another. Your partner is always there for you and has your back. Together, you have built or are building a life together with a strong foundation.

If you are single, this might only indicate an infatuation, a flirtation which is both delicious and distracting. It’s that initial spark.  It depends on the rest of the cards if this will last a long time.  Enjoy the fire, the fleeting connection, but don’t be consumed by the flames.


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