Two of Wands

Is the world your oyster? The Two of Wands is about financial security, planning for the future, and partnerships. What’s your vision for the path ahead? You have a big decision to make in a Two of Wands Love reading.


We see a man on a balcony, surveying the countryside around him. In the distance, we see a body of water. He is wearing robes and holding the world in his grasp. He seems like a wealthy man, someone who’s important and influential.

Two of Wands Yes or No

The Two of Wands is a “yes,” when it comes to career matters. For everything else it is a no.

Two of Wands: Meaning

This card signifies potential and power. You have decisions to make, and can choose which path you take. It’s time to take stock of your life and decide how you’d like to move forward. Travel is also indicated because the figure in the card is holding a globe. Look for The Chariot in this reading.

Business, money, and financial security are primary issues. Right now, you have many opportunities and can decide your own destiny. You might see a lot of Pentacles in this reading, since they symbolize finances.

Two of Wands Love
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This could also indicate a lucrative partnership. Are you about to go into business with someone? Or perhaps you’ve found a life partner. Whatever the case, the two of you will have a financially successful relationship.


You might feel like you aren’t in control of your own destiny. Is your back against the wall? Are you out of options and opportunities? You might feel as if you are without any options.

Or someone might be pushing you to make a decision before you’re ready. Take the time to consider your options. Look for the Two of Swords in this reading.

Are you headed for danger? Perhaps you’re being naive or overly idealistic. Give your plans some more thought.

This card can also indicate a failed or failing partnership. Are you involved with someone who isn’t holding up their end of the bargain?

Two of Wands Love

The Two of Wands might mean you have a decision to make between two lovers, or two potential lovers. Making a decision is difficult. There are many factors to consider. You might be torn between these options. One feels comfortable, almost safe. The other is risky but appealing nonetheless. Only you can decide what you will do. Just make sure to weigh your options carefully.

This card could indicate a bad partnership. You might be involved with someone who is controlling. Have they been micromanaging your time? Does this person have your best interests at heart? You might feel restless in this relationship. There are other options and opportunities you might want to explore.

Are you with a partner who shirks his or her responsibilities? Does your lover expect you to pick up the slack and do everything yourself? It’s important to split the responsibilities equality, so it doesn’t become a burden for one person. Look for Temperance in this reading.

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Two of Wands

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