Tarot cards are considered a divination tool, but did you know that you could use tarot for magic, too? You can lay them on the altar when you are performing a certain spell, or tuck them underneath a candle you are burning for a ritual as representations of what you are trying to attract or drive away from you.

Tarot cards are full of symbolism, and they are used by millions of people, so they live in the collective consciousness. Meaning, that because so many people use them, put their energy into them, and hold belief structures around them, tarot cards carry a great deal of power.  This is a great (not to mention, easy) way to give your rituals a boost.

Tarot Cards for Love

If you are doing a love spell, there are several cards you could utilize. The Lovers and the Two of Cups are obvious choices, since they symbolize finding a soulmate. You could use the Ten of Cups or the Four of Wands as representations of a happy marriage. The Ace of Cups is about an emotional outpouring, having so much love that your cup is overflowing.

The Emperor and The Empress are male and female archetypes, if you are trying to draw in someone of the opposite sex. You can also utilize the court cards for a specific archetype. Do you want a fun fling? Try the Knight of Wands. Do you want a successful man? Check out the King of Pentacles. Looking for a social butterfly you can party with? Try the Queen of Wands.

Tarot cards for Pregnancy and Children

Maybe you would like to start a family. So, you want to draw that creation energy into your life. The Empress is a traditional pregnancy card, although the Ace of Pentacles  has that implication as well. The Six of Cups symbolizes childhood. And The Sun has that carefree, warm experience of childhood as well.

Tarot Cards for Wealth

The Ace of Pentacles is a great representation of building a nest egg. My personal favorite card is the Nine of Pentacles because it symbolizes an independent woman of means. The Ten of Pentacles speaks of wealth and a legacy to leave behind for your children. This is a great long term card to leave on an abundance altar since it refers to the accumulation of wealth.  The Nine of Cups is about being satisfied and having everything you need within arm’s reach.


What if you are trying to draw something into your life? The Magician is a fantastic card for this. He has so many tools at his disposal (the pentacle, cup, sword, and wand are on his table) and he can influence his own reality.  The Star is the wish card. Use it to get in touch with your inner power and harness it. Another good choice is the Two of Wands. The figure in the card literally has the world in his hands. He is planning his own future. The Chariot is all about movement and momentum, upward mobility. While The Wheel of Fortune is about fate, destiny, and a reversal of fortune.

Release Spells

What if you are trying to get rid of something? Like an attachment to someone who isn’t available? Or maybe you are trying to let go of a bad habit? The Eight of Cups and the Six of Swords are great representations of moving on. I would say that the Six of Swords has a bit more emotional baggage though (the swords are in the boat). My girl, the Queen of Swords is all about barriers and boundaries, especially in romantic relationships. And the Four of Cups is a “no thanks, I’m good” kind of card, about rejecting something. Or someone. This is perfect for letting go of a habit you want to break.

Psychic Abilities and Intuition

What if you want to open your third eye? Or you want to enhance your intuition? Tarot can help you with that as well. My number one pick for this is The High Priestess, who is in touch with her own inner wisdom. The Queen of Cups is the Minor Arcana version of this card. She is also intuitive, although she has a more empathic edge. There are also aspects of intuition and esoteric knowledge with The Star card. The Hermit is about retreating from the world to contemplate and gain knowledge.

Tarot Cards for Health and Healing

Strength is my first choice for a healing spell.  This card is about being formidable, being able to withstand anything that the universe throws at you. The Four of Swords is about self care, withdrawal while you heal. The Hermit is also about withdrawal, with an edge of wisdom, and gaining life lessons from a situation. The Star also has a message about nurturing yourself, finding hope, even if things are terrible.


What if you are seeking an ending? You want some closure?  The Ten cards in the deck indicate the end of a cycle. The Ten of Wands is about releasing a burden. While the Ten of Swords symbolizes being completely done with a bad emotional situation like a breakup. The Ten of Cups is about finding that happily ever after. And the Ten of Pentacles is a legacy card, leaving something behind for your children and grandchildren.  The World symbolizes endings as well like graduations and retirements.

How have you been using tarot for magic? Tell me in the comments below.


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