what is he thinking tarot spread

Do you have a laconic guy in your life? You know, the strong and silent type? Or girl. Let’s not be sexist. This spread will work on anyone.  Trying to figure out what is going on in a relationship can be a real chore. The “what is he thinking” tarot spread should shed some light on the situation.

You can use this spread in terms of your relationship as a whole, or in terms of a specific situation. For example, you had a big fight on Friday night and you can’t figure out what is going on in your lover’s head. Is she angry? Is he upset? This spread will give you some insight.

What is he (or she) Thinking Tarot Spread

This is a basic three card spread, you can pull anytime you want some clarity.

His or Her Thoughts (1)

This card is about his thoughts on the situation. It might be her motivation, or her perception. Remember this might not be actual fact, but rather the person’s interpretation of what is going on. Sometimes, those are two different things.

His or Her Feelings (2)

This is the tricky one. Men don’t often express their emotions. And he might not even be aware of what his feelings are about something. He might just be acting on instinct. Or she might be angry, but is telling you that she is “fine,” which is always a bad sign. This spread will allow you to get to the, um, heart of the matter.

His Actions (3)

This is what he has done or will do about the situation. From personal experience, I’ve learned to pay much more attention to people’s actions rather than words. Ever heard the saying talk is cheap? It can be painfully true. Your significant other might be saying one thing and doing another. Always look at the actions.

This isn’t always a bad thing. For example, my father doesn’t say “I love and care about you.” Instead, he fills my car with gas, checks my oil, and other caretaking behaviors. It’s obvious that he is concerned about me, but I would never know it, unless I paid attention to what he does, rather than what he says.

Anyway, I hope this spread gives you some insight. If you use this tarot spread, let me know. I’d love to hear if it worked for you in the comments!

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