Wheel of Fortune

Ready to spin the wheel? The Wheel of Fortune is about karma, destiny and luck.And I don’t mean the game show.

Description: The Wheel of Fortune

We see the wheel in the center of the card, surrounded by clouds and a bright blue sky. It  is flanked by esoteric winged figures including The Sphinx, and an angel.


The wheel is always turning and we go through a series of ups and downs in our lives. This is completely natural. You can’t run from change. It’s the only constant in the universe.

This card usually signals good news. Whatever is happening, your circumstances are about to change for the better. Everything is coming up roses and destiny is on your side. Congratulations!

wheel of fortune
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You might come into some money, or be offered a new job. Regardless, something wonderful just dropped into your lap. Take it and run.


In the reversed position, your luck has taken a turn for the worse. It can be irritating when we’ve been putting in a lot of time and effort and we aren’t getting ahead. Just remember, this too shall pass.

Or you might feel stagnated, unable to move forward. However, this is only a temporary setback. Give it time, the wheel will start turning again soon.

Conversely, this card could indicate you are making too many changes all at once. Pace yourself. If you want to make lasting  adjustments to your life, take your time and get comfortable with the new normal, before adding another element to the mix.



Relationships have hills and valleys, too. And when the Wheel of Fortune shows up in a reading, it’s usually a positive change. It could be a shift in priorities or more time spent with each other. Regardless, embrace your good fortune!

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