will he come back to me tarot spread

Want to know if a lover will come back to you? We’ve all had a relationship end unexpectedly. Try my Will he Come Back to me Tarot Spread for some relationship clarity. Obviously, this spread can be done for a female or male partner. Tarot isn’t sexist, but Google SEO keywords are. Okay, with that out of the way, let’s get started.

If you are new to reading tarot, check out my post on how to do a reading first. And to center yourself, you might want to try a  mindfulness activity to relax. This spread will help you determine if there is a possibility the two of you could get back together again. This is a simple, two card, yes or no spread. So, it’s perfect for beginners.


After you shuffle and cut the cards,  designate one card as a “yes.”  This card will tell you what forces are bringing you back together at the moment.


After you pull the cards, designate one card as “no.”  These are forces/factors keeping you apart. Remember, this is a little snapshot of what is going on at the moment, the forces at work. The future is changeable, depending on a lot of factors. There might be some emotional baggage between the two of you to deal with and put behind you first.


Would you call this a positive or negative spread? Which card (factors or forces) is stronger?


Was your answer clear as mud? You might want to check out this post on what to do if your tarot reading doesn’t make sense. One way to get a little more information is to pull an additional card for clarification. You might want to know more about either your “yes” or “no” card. Or maybe even both.

Let me know in the comments if this “Will he Come Back to Me Tarot Spread” worked for you. And while you are here, check out my tarot card cheat sheet, to help you intuitively learn the cards. If you didn’t get enough clarification, you can do a reading with me.


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