Will he contact me tarot

When will he text me? When will he contact me? Ever wondered when a guy was going to get off his butt and pick up his phone? Yeah, me, too. Sigh. If you’re like me, this question has driven you bonkers when you haven’t heard from a love interest in a while. Every time the phone chimes, you pick it up, only to be disappointed.  Again. It’s a vicious cycle. My “will he contact me” tarot spread is the cure for this problem.

Also, keep in mind that this is a gender neutral spread. You can use it for any person. However, Google Keywords are behind the times.

I prefer simple spread to longer, more complicated ones like the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread. I like my tarot spreads quick, dirty, and to the point. So, this is a two card, yes or no deal. By the way, tarot is an excellent yes or no oracle if you are looking for some guidance.


Designate one card as a “yes” and this will be factors/issues/forces that will compel him or her to contact you.


This card will be a “no” and it’s the factors/issues/forces that will keep him or her from contacting you.


This will give you a current snapshot of a situation, but people’s thoughts are always evolving. Let’s say, she hears a song on the radio and it reminds her of you. Boom! You get a text. I’ve also had some negative experiences, like the Queen of Wands for a “no” card. Translation? He was with another girl. Ugh. If you ask me the Queen of Wands is a little slutty and not in the fun way.

Okay, I’m kidding. Mostly.

Tarot Goodies

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Did this simple spread work out for you? If it did, tell me about it in the comments. Didn’t get the clarity you wanted? You can order a reading if you like, and I’d be happy to do a spread for you.

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