Witches Roots Unboxing November 2019

This is my Witches Roots Unboxing for November 2019. I have been receiving the Witches Roots Box since September 2019 and I love it. I think it’s a cross between a self-care box and a witchy ritual box. The Witches Moon has three different subscription boxes, The Witches Roots (herb focused), Witches Bounty (sacred adornment focused), and Witches Moon (ritual focused). I’ve tried all three and I love them all. You can check all three of them out over here.

Before we get started, you should know that this isn’t a sponsored post. I paid for this box with my own hard-earned money.

Witches Roots Unboxing November 2019

Theme: The Sacred Offering. Every one of the Witches Moon boxes comes with a central theme. And this one is gratitude. Since Thanksgiving is this month, it’s a very timely message.

Frankincense: If you read my post on using incense in magic, you know that I love incorporating resins into my work. And frankincense is one of my favorites. I can always use more.

Oracle Card Reading: They thoughtfully included an oracle card reading. Mine was Dove, which was encouraging me to take a leap of faith. I needed to hear that right now. Fear has been holding me back.

BOS Artwork: There is a gorgeous piece of artwork on frankincense for my book of shadows. I love how they give you a description of what these herbs can be used for.

Blue Goldstone: I love this shimmery little crystal. I’ve been holding onto it since I got it. It’s used for manifestation, protection, and gratitude. I will be keeping it on my abundance altar.

Gebo Offering Candle: As always, there is a beeswax spell candle included and this one has been hand-painted with a Gebo rune, which means gratitude. It is perfect for a gratitude ritual.

Resin Burner: A brass incense burner was included in the set and I love it. It has a triquetra on the base, which reminds me of Charmed.

Charcoal Disks: The Witches Moon gives you everything you need to use an item. They thoughtfully included a couple of charcoal disks, which I always need

Black Sand: Again, the Witches Moon included everything necessary to use the resin burner. I will be filling the bottom with black sand to catch the ashes.

How I will be using the items

It is really hard to choose, but I think my favorite item from this box was the crystal. This is my first piece of goldstone and it just resonates with me. I love the energy it gives off. However, I think the brass incense burner is awesome, too. It’s a close second.

This box is focused on gratitude and since Thanksgiving is this month, I will be crafting a gratitude ritual for the full moon to give thanks for everyone who has helped me this year. I do this in small ways every month. However, we are reaching the end of the year and a large-scale ritual feels right to me. Check out my post on Full Moon Rituals for more ideas on spells you can do during the full moon.

You can check out all three of the Witches Moon Subscription boxes right here.