Witches Roots Unboxing October 2019

So, I tried out the Witches Roots box last month and I loved it. It’s a witchy subscription box that focuses on building your apothecary. This month, I got the Witches Bounty box as well, which is focused on sacred adornments or talismans. I will be reviewing both boxes and telling you how I will use the items in rituals.

And, just so you know, this isn’t a sponsored post. I paid for these boxes out of my own pocket.

Witches Bounty Unboxing October 2019


Witches Bounty Unboxing October 2019

First up, let’s talk about the Witches Bounty box. Since I hadn’t received it before, I was super excited to give it a go. And it didn’t disappoint.

Theme: Flight of the Raven

Pendant: A hand-carved raven skull made of tektite with silver accents. And it is absolutely gorgeous.

Spell Candle: This hand-rolled black beeswax candle is anointed in Raven oil.

Incense: High Vibration incense has a cologne-type smell. It is handmade by the Witches Moon.

Tektite Crystal: This stone is extraterrestrial in origin. It’s the result of meteorites hitting the earth. It is associated with psychic development, otherworldly communication (including other realms), and raising your vibration. I have never heard of or worked with this crystal and I’m anxious to give it a go.

The Morrigan Ritual Oil: The Morrigan is a war and death goddess. She is associated with ravens, so this is perfect. This oil contains, a mini lamurian quartz, along with lavender, vervain, and mugwort. It smells so earthy and herby. I can’t wait to dress candles with it.

Tektite Goddess Artwork: This is a beautiful piece of artwork detailing the uses of the crystal, perfect for my Book of Shadows.

My First Impressions

I LOVE this box and I’m so glad I ordered it. The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe is one of my favorite poems. And I’ve worked with raven magic before. I’m also developing/expanding my psychic abilities, so, this is the perfect talisman for me.

This is a pricey subscription box ($78/month) and I won’t be able to purchase it all the time. However, I plan to treat myself on special occasions like Samhain.

Curious about the Witches Bounty Box? Check it out here.

How I will use the items

I plan on creating a talisman for myself to raise my vibration and hone my psychic abilities. I’m going to anoint the candle, myself, and the pendant. And I’ll burn the incense while I dedicate it. I’ll be doing this on the full moon for an added boost of power.

Witches Roots Unboxing October 2019

Witches Roots Unboxing October 2019

This is my second time getting this subscription box and I will continue to purchase it. I’m building my apothecary and this is a little bit of spiritual self care for me, too. At $29 a month, it’s in my price range. If you are curious, you can check it out here.

Theme: Ancestral Guidance

Herb of Focus: Chrysanthemums. These are considered to be very protective flowers. They repel negative energy and entities.

Spell Candle: The hand-rolled beeswax candle was designed for honoring your ancestors. I will be anointing it with my third eye oil to foster intuition/communication.

Making Magic Mini Deck: So, this is a glossy black and gold deck filled with celtic and alchemical symbols. It was designed as an oracle deck.  It is also available on Etsy, if you want to check it out.

Incense: This is handmade dragonsblood incense, which is one of my favorites. As I’ve said before, I use incense in my practice nearly every day. And it smells divine. I can’t wait to burn some.

Artwork: There are two gorgeous pieces of artwork this month. One for Samhain and one for chrysanthemums. Both of these are perfect for my Book of Shadows.

Crystal: Amethyst. This stone is associated with psychic development and intuition. It’s appropriate for Samhain.

Samhain Spell: There was a small spell scroll provided, along with a piece of parchment for writing petitions.

How I will Use the Items

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m planning on building an ancestor altar this month for Samhain, so this is perfect timing! On the full moon, I’ll be dedicating my altar. I’ll burn the candle, and offer the chrysanthemums to my ancestors. On Samhain, I’ll  use the spell provided with a few tweaks to personalize the ritual. The feather pictured above will be residing on my altar.As for the mini deck, which I love, I will be using it on my altars to boost my spellwork.


Do you get any witchy subscription boxes? Tell me about it below.