The World

Do you want it all? The World is about happiness, getting everything you desire, and the fulfillment your dreams.


We see a woman against the backdrop of a blue sky, surrounded by a wreath. She is naked, joyous, and unafraid.  The world is hers.

The World: Meaning

This card signifies a victory. Dreams really do come true.  This card is about success, a reward, A celebration. You’ve been working very hard for a long time and it has finally paid off.  Whatever your accomplishment is, congratulations! You did it.   Maybe you landed new job, graduated, or achieved another large, important  goal. This represents a new beginning for your life, a time of triumph.

This card is also associated with travel. You might be literally seeing other parts of the world. This is especially true if The Chariot appears in the reading.


World Tarot
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Comparison is the thief of joy.  Have you finished a large project? Or a life goal?  And then compared yourself to someone else?

Does your accomplishment seem trivial in comparison? We can’t judge our successes by using another person’s scale.  Everyone has their own unique set of circumstances. Enjoy your achievement and let your work speak for itself.

Or maybe you’re unable to complete a project?  What’s holding you back?  Are you having a crisis of confidence? Have you lost confidence in yourself? Faith? If you can’t believe in yourself, no one else will.


This card is about happiness.  You’re fulfilled in your relationship and everything is going well.  You’ve found the right partner and he or she literally might be your entire world.  Enjoy your happiness. Hold onto it.

If you’re single, you’re happy by yourself. You’re accomplished, successful, and the world is your oyster. Are you ready to find a partner to share your life with? Only you can decide.


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